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Why Rawvolutionary?

The future of breakfast and snacking is here   

How? well here are ten reasons …

  1. Firstly, we are not actually a cereal as there is not one grain in sight, which makes our crispie cereals and snacks ideal for those with wheat intolerance. This also means we are ideal as part of a paleo, vegan diet as well for the healthy and conscious.
  2. We use activated buckwheat seeds as our base, making our products ideal for those with
    intolerances, so many popular conventional breakfasts are full of grains, gluten and wheat airpuff and are highly refined using cheap non nutritional ingredients.
  3. Our nuts and seeds are activated. This means we soak and sprout them first  because this optimises nutrition and absorption of minerals.
  4. We are genuninely Raw! We don’t cook anything: we only dehydrate below 42c, as anything above kills nutrients and minerals and can change the constitution of protein. We keep everything raw just as nature intended.
  5. We don’t add cane or refined sugar – cane sugar is the biggest cause of diabetes and obesity we use only natural sugars.
  6. We don’t add dairy which means that our cereal is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant and vegan!
  7. We don’t puff our cereals up with a load of cheap ingredients with limited nutritional value. Everything is full of natural goodness! Visit our pantry
  8. We don’t process anything, or add toxins, colourants or preservatives. So you can enjoy guilt free!
  9. We are high in fibre and protein and being grain free means you won’t feel heavy and
    bloated after enjoying our delicious snacks. Great for your tastebuds and for your body!
  10. All our ingredients are 100% organic and plant based so there are no nasty synthetic chemicals – Good for you and the environment. Plus our packaging is 100% recyclable.