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Why good food is more expensive…

16 April 2018, Monday

Our Founder was inspired to create the company starting with an alternative to his childhood favourite which used to give him indigestion and an overload of refined sugar.
Fraser grew up on Co Co Pops like many of us did, he used to love them, but also found he did not feel well afterwards.
Years later as an adult he found that he was sensitive to refined products , additives and highly processed foods, as well as grains and gluten.
It is surprising how many people , even if it just means they feel sluggish and slow.

So he set about making a healthy alternative , which was Vegan, Paleo friendly ( no grains), and full of organic ingredients, superfoods, natural sugars only and natural vitamins found in nature untouched , in other words RAW!

This is the initial seed of inspiration for Cacao Crispies, which has lead on to our range of healthy raw breakfasts and snacks.

Fraser said ‘ So many ask why organic products are more expensive, but we should really be asking why some products are so cheap. The answer lies in the ingredients, whether they are wholefoods, or highly refined and processed, and how many ingredients. We have focused on a healthy alternative which will provide good raw energy with eating a smaller amount. ‘


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