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Why dehydrate below 42C?

11 April 2017, Tuesday

Raw Organic Dried Mangos in a Bowl

Dehydrating food not only preserves it from micro organisms , but also retains the natural goodness. Dehydrating below 42c is said to the be the optimal temperature for the food to remain raw, anything over this will destroy some vitamins and minerals.
Cooking on high heats actually changes the structures of food stuffs an destroys some natural goodness.

Having extra raw food in your diet is healthy not only for roughage but also nutrition.

Besides being packed with loads of nutrients, dehydrated foods also have prolonged shelf life. Dehydrated fruits and veggies, when stored in a proper manner, can last for months.
Another benefit of dehydrated food is that As water is removed, taste is deliciously concentrated. The result is a convenient food with a taste that, depending on your personal preference, may be better than the original.

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