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What is a raw food diet?

13 June 2016, Monday

Raw food is definitely the key to a healthier body!

The Raw Gorilla products are not only raw, but are also packed with superfoods.
We believe for real health we should eat breakfasts and snacks that still contain most of their nutritional value, there is no point in putting empty and nutritionless calories into our bodies, plus a load of chemicals- which is exactly what we do when we eat refined and processed food, or all cooked food.

We believe if we are going to eat something,it must be contributing to our healing and health, providing the body with balanced energy.

Not everyone wants to go totally raw,but some raw regular food is a healthy option.

Our philosophy is make good nourishing breakfast crispies and snacks accessible to everyone.
Our products are also used by many as smoothie toppers, and as part of a desert.

We have dehydrated all of our ingredients below 42c, hence all the minerals and nutrients are still intact. We have also soaked and activated (sprouted) our buckwheat and nuts. There are real advantages to doing this.
It not only raises the level of nutrition to another level,but also soaked and activated nuts are just so much better for the gut and the nutrients are assimilated more easily into the body.

The focus of the raw food diet is to eat unprocessed, whole plant-based and ideally organic foods.
To qualify as a raw food diet most people believe that a minimum of three-quarters of the person’s diet should consist of uncooked food.
Known as ‘Raw Foodists’- (somebody who follows the raw food diet) – they believe that for real health there needs to be a higher proportion of raw food included than cooked.

A significant proportion of raw foodists are also vegans – i.e they will eat no foods of animal origin.
There are some raw faddists who eat raw animal products however.

Right diet is a personal thing, the body needs to adjust to what is optimal, and people have differing preferences.
There are four broad branches of raw foodism:
Raw vegetarians – will eat eggs and dairy, but most of the food they eat is green, plant based.
Raw vegans – no animal products consumed at all; most foods consumed are raw
Raw omnivores – both plant-based and animal based foods are mainly consumed raw
Raw carnivores – meat products are eaten only raw

In addition rather like the paleo diets, many vegans will not eat grains.Again it is worth stressing that all the Raw Gorilla products are grain free.

What do people consider to be the benefits of raw food diet?
You will have more energy
Your skin will have a much better appearance
Your digestion will improve
You will lose weight
Your risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases will significantly drop

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