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Want better digestion? 5 yoga poses to do just that!

21 June 2015, Sunday

Here at Raw Gorilla, we like to make sure everything we do is good for us. That includes mind, body and soul.

Life these days can be incredibly stressful, but finding good tasting food that’s quick and healthy, like our Crispies and Munchies, means you never have to eat unhappy. Another way to relieve the stresses and strains of daily life is to take 10 minutes out of a hectic lifestyle to do a bit of yoga.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is incredibly powerful. Not only does it help give your mind a rest, it can aid in digestion, reduce stress and build muscles to aid in pain relief. What’s not to love?

Can you believe…twisting actually aids digestion!

What a strange idea. Twisting your intestines into contorted shapes helps them to work? The answer is yes! It actually works by massaging the intestinal tract so that the food passes through more easily.

Better digestion = more energy! So simple

Here we’ve put together 5 of our favourite moves that are fantastic for aiding digestion. If you head down to the Raw Gorilla office, you will most likely find one of us striking a pose!

By the way, performing these moves on an empty stomach is the best way of reaping the benefits. We find that doing them before a meal really helps aid digestion.

5 yoga poses for better digestion:

1. Downward facing dog


This is the ideal pose to breathe deeply and strongly into your core. It allows for increased circulation of oxygen as well as decreasing back pain, tension in shoulders and headaches. Clever dog!

This is a nice easy pose that anyone can do. It looks like an downward facing ‘V’. To start, place your hands on your matt shoulder width apart and feet hip width apart. Lengthen your spine and push your hips back and up. Be careful to not let your knees fall towards each other. You should be supported by both your hands and your feet.

Allow yourself to breathe deeply in this position for at least 10 breaths. As you breathe out, pull your navel in towards your core to really benefit your intestines.

2. Triangle pose

This one is slightly more difficult but is fantastic for stretching and massaging your intenstines. It improves digestion and constipation as well as alleviating stress and muscle tension in your neck.

Step your right foot forward into a lunge then straighten your leg. Turn you left foot by 45-90 degrees and keep straight. Place your right hand on your right shin keeping it straight, then stretch your left arm straight into the air above your body. Stretch your head away from your shoulders and look to the sky, then push your tailbone back towards your left leg.

3. Supina twist 1

This one helps move food through your digestive tract as well as any gasses that may have been built up.

Lie on your matt with your body straight. Gently raise your right knee up towards your chest and hold it gently with both arms. Hold for 30 seconds remembering to breathe deeply. Repeat with the other leg or move onto the Supina twist 2 before repeating with the other leg.

4. Supina twist 2

This one is a fantastic stretch for the muscles, as well as helping flush fluids through our system and helps move food along your digestive system. Imagine it like wringing out a towel!

Lying on your matt, with your right knee up to your chest from Suping twist 1, drop it over your body to your left side. Stretch your right arm out to the right. Gently push your right knee closer to the ground, if possible, to maximise the stretch.

Breathe deeply and hold for as long as you wish. One of the benefits of this pose is that it is easier and more comfortable to hold than others so you will reap even more benefits from it!

5. Leg-up-the-wall pose

This pose moves the body from resting mode to digestive mode. It takes all the pressure off your back, legs and core that builds up from standing allowing your body to focus on digesting food effectively.

Move your body towards a wall then swing your legs up so they are resting on the wall pointing upwards. Keep your body a few inches away from it to ensure your back and spine are protected. Put your arms down on the floor either side of you to help balance. Hold this pose for as long as you feel comfortable, between 2-5 minutes is optimal.

Go on, step away from the stress of life and spend just 10 minutes doing some yoga. Just in case you were wondering, a bowl of our Crispies or snacking on our Munchies is a perfect way to top off your healthy yoga session!

All pictures from Pinterest.

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