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UK’s First Raw HIGH protein Keto Muesli

24 May 2018, Thursday

We have taken an innovator stance with all our products, offering truly RAW and natural ingredient rich options.
Many people enjoy eating Ketogenic diets to improve their vitality and fitness, and to even stay trim.

Our Mighty Muesli launched this year is Ketogenic as it has High Protein, low carbs and zero sugar- all things those people searching for Keto options look for, and is the first UK raw keto muesli available.

What is more the muesli is suitable for vegans, and will also be good for those on paleo diet , or anyone wanting boosted energy. This project really is filling and keeps you going all day! Like all our products it is also 100% organic.

You don’t have to be on a ketogenic diet to enjoy our products!

If you just love healthy seeds, packed with protein but do not care specifically about a Ketogenic diet you can add fruits, use as a sprinkler to smoothies , or just graze away.
One of our customers makes little bags of nibbles for her children throughout the day.Many mothers search for healthy options for their children , particularly becoming these days more sensitive about sugar drenched alternatives.

If you are wondering what a ketogenic diet actually is more information can be found here

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