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Raw Gorilla Official Organic, Raw, Vegan and Paleo Original Crispies 250g



Our moorish Original Crispies are coated with delicious tigernut flour and combined with coconut chips. 

Great Taste 2016 Award Winner, our Crispies arerich in fibreand boost an impressive 12% protein100% organic and free from added sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, preservatives and toxins, it is a healthy breakfast option that’s ideal for raw, vegan, paleo diets, and health conscious people! 

All of our Breakfasts are Soil Association Organic Certified, and we are also Vegan Certified, giving a guarantee to customers of our quality.






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There are so many health benefits to eating Raw Gorilla products!

Firstly we are not a cereal – there is not one grain in sight.We have turned breakfast on its head! Most cereals are grain based, which leave you feeling bloated and tired. We decided to use buckwheat, which is actually a seed, as a grain replacement to produce a healthy alternative that is completely unrefined, high in protein and fibre and, most importantly, delicious!

Secondly,we keep it raw!All of our nuts and seeds take a bath and mild shower! We don’t cook anything, instead we soak, activate and dehydrate to optimise nutrition. Soaking removes enzyme inhibitors which makes for easy absorption, and cooking anything over 42°C kills nutrients. So instead we dehydrate our Crispies, keeping them 100% raw and alive with all the original nutrition. Just as nature intended.

Lastly, with genuinely raw food you eat less for more energy and boost your immune system! One of the benefits of having a raw diet means that you can eat less but still feel more energised.

How to eat

  • Pour into ya mouth straight from the packet!
  • Add into bowl and add mylk or yogurt
  • Add as a topping to your favourite smoothie
  • Enjoy as part of a healthy dessert

How to Store

Treat ya Gorilla right – keep me in a dry and cool place out of direct sunlight and heat.

Consume in 5 min to 1 month once opened.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS = sweet and nutty, these little gems provide a wonderful crunch

TIGERNUTS = not a nut, but a tuber! Rich in prebiotic fibre to aid healthy digestion, as well as iron and potassium

MACA = an ancient Peruvian root used by Incan warriors to enhance their mood and endurance, this root powder is rich in essential vitamins and minerals

FIGS = creamy, chewy and morish, figs are alkalising, high in fibre and antioxidants and delicious, as well as being lower in sugar than many other dried fruits

SUNFLOWER SEEDS = sweet and nutty, these little gems provide a wonderful crunch

BUCKWHEAT SEEDS = humbly small yet powerful, activated seeds that are naturally crunchy, tasty, and gluten free


Nutritional Information per 100g: 

Total Energy 1710.57kJ/408.38Cal
Fat 16.07g of which saturates 9.08g
Carbohydrates 48.49g of which sugars 16.36g
Protein 12.47g
Fibre 9.93g
Salt 0.04g


Buckwheat (50.4%), Coconut chips (12%), Tigernut Flour (9.12%), Cocoa Butter (6.48%), Figs (6%), Raisins (6%), Coconut Blossom Nectar (5.4%), Sunflower Seeds (2%), Cashew (2%), Maca Powder (0.6%)


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