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NEW Munchies Taster Multipack 10x40g



Healthy, delicious, chewy and moist, these snacks are the perfect addition to any lunch, breakfast or snack on the go.

These Raw Munchies boast 10% natural protein, high fibre and have added probiotics for healthy digestive systems.

Made from only high quality organic wholefood, plant based ingredients.

Totally UN-Processed, UN-Refined & UN-Rubbish – simply delicious natural goodness!

Enjoy a selection of flavours with this Mixed Taster Pack:

  • 2 x Lemon & Chia Munchies
  • 2 x Maca & Cinnamon Munchies
  • 2 x Cacao & Lucuma Munchies
  • 2 x Carob & Orange Munchies
  • 2 x Apricot & Baobab Munchies

Taster Pack of 10 x 40g Raw Munchies Snack Packs.

They’re ideal as a healthy snack to munch on while on the go, to energise and keep you going for hours.

All the nuts and seeds included are activated by soaking and drying in order to release enzyme inhibitors, which are though to help release their full nutritional goodness.

The ingredients are also carefully cold pressed, to keep them raw and moist and help preserve their original nutritional value. Just as nature intended.



  • Munch them straight from the packet – morning, noon & night
  • Add as a topping to your favourite cereal or yoghurt
  • Enjoy as part of a healthy dessert


Treat yo’ gorilla right.Keep me dry, cool and out of direct sunlight & heat. Consume in 5 min- 1 month once opened.

We are passionate about high quality ingredients.


We are 100 percent organic and use the highest quality ingredients.

Please refer to individual products for full ingredient list.

Please refer to individual products for full ingredient and nutritional lists.

We are open Monday – Friday. Allow 3-5 working days for orders placed before midday.


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