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Cacao Crunchies (250g)


Introducing our NEW protein rich, healthy chocolatey breakfast.Ideal for paleo, vegan, and just healthy diets (and for chocolate addicts).

This one is getting full marks from everyone.

A wonderful mix of Raw Cacao Nibs, Coconut, Sunflower seeds, Cashew nuts, Dates & Buckwheat seeds. All our nuts and seeds take a bath & a mild sauna ( activated by soaking and drying ) we do this to release enzyme inhibitors so that ya get the full goodness when you eat us.(just like seeds get activated in nature when it rains>)


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There are so many health benefits to eating Raw Gorilla products!

Firstly,they are not a cereal: there is not one grain in sight. We have turned breakfast on its head! Most cereals are actually grain based, and because so many people suffer from gluten and grain sensitivity, even feeling bloated or tired, we decided to have a healthy alternative , totally unrefined and this Cacao Crunchie breakfast has 15% protein , is a source of fibre and tastes so good.

Secondly, we keep it Raw! All our nuts and seeds take a bath and mild shower! We don’t cook anything: we soak,activate and dehydrate! We soak and activate (sprout) our nuts and seeds to optimise nutrition. This removes enzyme inhibitors which makes for easy absorption. Cooking anything over 42°C kills nutrients, so we dehydrate our Crispies, keeping them 100% raw and alive with all the original nutrition. Just as nature intended.

Raw food is healthy, our namesake, the Gorilla, is a herbivore and never develops obesity or diabetes, nor do any animals eating natural largely plant based diet, we believe it’s just the way nature and our bodies are designed to work. Did you know that humans share over 90% of their DNA with these gentle giants? Maybe they are signposting us back to a healthier, raw component in our diets! – let’s be more Gorilla!

Lastly, with genuinely raw food you eat less for more energy and boost your immune system! The benefits of having a raw diet, or elements of a raw diet, mean you can eat less (than highly processed food) and feel energised.

How to eat

  • Pour into ya mouth straight from the packet!
  • Add into bowl and add alternative milk
  • Add as a topping to your favourite smoothie
  • Enjoy as part of a healthy desert, or nibble throughout the day.

How to Store

Treat ya Gorilla right:Keep me in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight & heat. Consume in 5 min-1 month once opened.
How to enjoy

Want some inspiration on all the awesome ways to enjoy our products? View some of our delicious recipes here!


Known as nature’s chocolate chips, raw organic cacao nibs are nutritional powerhouses
and chocolate of course is the food of love!


Our Heavenly raw & organic coconut chips add a natural silky sweetness to compliment
our Cacao Crunchies.


Sweet and nutty these little gems provide wonderful crunch to our Cacao Crunchies.


We are nuts about our nuts and Cashews are a favourite, with their oh so creamy texture,
and flavour.


Nature’s ooey gooey caramel- a wonderful, tasty and rich natural fruit to add some
sweetness: also compliments perfectly our organic Raw Cacaco.


These humble small yet powerful seeds are naturally crunchy, tasty, and gluten free.
Activated to burst them into life, they are an awesome base for our raw breakfast Cacao


Nutritional Values :
Energy (kj/ kcal / 100g) – 2018.52 / 464.31
Fat (g/100g) – 26.17
of which Saturated fat (g/100g) – 8.03
Carbohydrates (g/100g) – 41.87
of which Sugar (g/100g) – 14.9
Fibre (g/100g) – 11.12
Protein (g/100g) – 15.24
Salt (g/100g) – 0.05

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