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16 April 2018, Monday

This weekend at NOPE ( National Organic Product Exhibition ) at Excel, we are finally launching ALL our NEW Munchies ! Come and see us if you can , stand 27 in VEGAN WORLD.

All Munchies have been totally re branded, and all are new recipes . Instead of dehydrating them, we have opted for Cold Pressing them which leaves them lovely and moist and chewy.
Consistent with all our products they are all activated ( they take a quick bath and a light sauna to wake them up) , thus all the nutrition in the nuts and seeds is ‘alive’ and more easily digested.

So we have really improved the quality and taste of the whole range.

There are also 2 NEW FLAVOURS

CAROB & ORANGE – a delicious mix of Carob ,Orange oil, Dates, Raisins and activated buckwheat seeds, made and mixed to our secret combination.
LEMON & CHIA – has replaced our Lemon and Coconut Munchies, and is seriously yoummy. A delicious blend of Lemon oil, Chia , Activated Sunflower Seeds, superfood Lucuma for sweetness.

All our Munchies also now have 1 Billion vegan ProBiotics added to each packet. Munchies are also naturally protein rich 10%, we do not ever use protein fillers such as Whey powder- just wholesome unrefined , unprocessed ingredients.

We say #bemoregorilla – we don’t mess with nature, we don’t mess with food.

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