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A musing on the healthy benefits of raw food

13 June 2017, Tuesday

We thought that we would write a quick blog on why having more raw food in the diet is good for you.

Some people go the whole way and have a completely raw diet.
Our products are 100% plant based and organic so are great as an addition to a healthy diet.
The good news is your oven gets a rest on this diet. as you’ll mostly be eating raw fruits, vegetables and seeds.
Heating food destroys nutrients and natural enzymes, and we need enzymes to boost digestion and absorption of minerals.
We have found raw food certainly is good for bowel movements! but we also found we had more energy, and ate less.

Whilst the oven gets a rest, the chopping does not ! There is different good equipment necessary we found , like great sharp knives, smoothie makers, ,blenders dehydrators to name a few. But its fun and its creative.
The good news is with a high raw diet you are cutting down on processed foods, which often also contain additives and toxins.

Your staples: raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted seeds. Your food can be cold or even a little bit warm, or dehydrated as long as it doesn’t go above 42c .
The funny thing is people think its easy being on raw diet .. but preparation actually takes longer!
We soak nuts and seeds so that they are easily digested , and sourcing good organic food takes time although the general shops are starting to hold more stock as the demand increases.

But it does take time, soaking , sprouting, blending , mixing , chilling, dehydrating !
We guess that is why so many people love ready made things or off the shelf, but a raw food diet is one where you can’t cut corners, so that is the downside.
However one positive it brings back some fun in the kitchen, experimentation and creativity ! and has positive health benefits.. we have mentioned the bowels, but also helps control blood pressure , improves the skin and energy levels.

The good news ?
Well with our products we have done a lot of the time consuming work for you ! so you can enjoy healthy breakfasts and snacks .

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