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Raw Gorilla new products flying off the shelves…

22 February 2018, Thursday

We thought we would share with you a recent transcript of an interview with Fraser our Founder about the two new products he presented at Biofach .


Journalist – ” Raw Gorilla has just added two new breakfasts and we hear they are rolling off the shelf quickly? ‘
Fraser – ‘Yes we are now in Planet Organic shops and online with them in the UK – in Wholefoods Kensington a flagship health shop, and of course customers can buy from Raw Gorilla directly on Amazon and via our website We are starting to roll out across retail and countries.

The customer feedback on these two new products has been tremendous both are high protein products , one Cacao Crunchies and one Mighty Muesli- which is also Ketogenic opening new markets ‘

Journalist: What is the appeal of your products? who are you aiming them at?

‘ The broader consumer is interested in high protein, no rubbish food, so our products have huge general appeal. It’s not just about us being a high quality vegan brand, which has always been paleo friendly ( no grains), our appeal is to anyone who wants to have a healthy breakfast or snack.
So our products suit many diets as well as consumer groups such as mothers wanting to fill their children’s tums with goodness as opposed to empty calories to individuals on a healthy lifestyle.And of course our new Mighty Muesli will be of great appeal to those on a KETO diet as it is high protein, low carb and zero sugar.

Because we use 100% organic and wholefoods in all our products, people can be sure of the quality and taste.

Journalist: Has Biofach been successful?
‘ Yes hugely, we have at least 5 new distributors rolling out across different countries just from this show and will make some announcements shortly.’

Journalist : Why the name Raw Gorilla? and the tagline #bemoregorilla?

‘ Yes Gorilla’s are an inspiration and a close relative who could teach us a thing about right diet! We share over 98% of our DNA with these great creatures, who are strong and actually very docile, happily munching on plants. They like many animals who do not have refined processed foods Gorillas do not suffer obesity or diabetes, two of the biggest issues facing the west.
So we took a leaf from our primal pals , we don’t mess with nature, we keep everything natural and so don’t mess with peoples bodies. What’s more is we are RAW , so all the minerals and vitamins remain . ‘


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