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About Us Gorillas

Our impulse

We share many peoples concern about the current state of the Earth which like all of humankind, is sacred. Nature is powerful. Nature commands life on earth. Nature provides everything we need. So why would you f*ck with nature? Why would you f*ck with the food mother nature gave you?  Why would you f*ck with your body by putting rubbish in?!

We don’t. Gorillas don't.

Nothing processed. Nothing refined. Nothing but respect for our world.

Our recipes contain only delicious, unadulterated organic ingredients. 

We want everyone to be healthy , we hope everyone will be more Gorilla.

We want to do our part in making the world better for future generations, so we like to look after the earth in as many ways as we can, organic farming, fairly traded, sustainable.

Our packaging is totally recyclable and made using vegetable dyes.
And we operate where ever possible a paper free office.

Why our name Raw Gorilla?

There answer is…well…there have been a couple of sources of inspiration. Firstly, the Gorilla who shares 98% of DNA with us, and lives healthily munching on plants.

Despite its immense power, and scary depiction by some, it is actually a very docile creature - if you watch them, they seem to practice a sort of gorilla mindfulness making them naturally calm,also not suffering diabetes or obesity which plagues the western world.

So, we reckon maybe the Gorilla is showing us a thing or two about real health and balance.

But our love for our distant cousins doesn’t stop there. We also support The Gorilla Organisation. A very worthy case indeed as Mountain Gorilla numbers have reached extremely low numbers. There are only around 800 mountain gorilla’s left…in the entire world.


The brand name ‘Raw Gorilla’ was inspired by a book called Green Gorilla by Adi Da Samraj. This book blew our minds with its teachings on how to righten ones life, including moving to, or increasing the amount of raw plant based food in a diet. It also includes a look at our attitudes and approach to many things giving us the inspiration and energy to take a fresh look at our diets and attempt t change our collective habits for the better.


Our Story

Our story started in Fraser our Founders own kitchen in Stoke Newington, London in 2015. Being both crazy about breakfast and raw food in general, Fraser wanted to add a twist to regular sugary and wheaty cereals, such as Coco Pops and Rise Crispies, and sugary snacks and turn them into raw nutritional powerhouses.

Fraser created something raw, gluten free, vegan, paleo, containing nothing refined, no additives or preservatives or colours (obviously), with a hand-made feeling, organic and containing no grain - just wholesome delicious products blended with amazing superfoods like raw cacao, lucuma & maca. Just like nature intended.

There is not a sniff of anything refined or processed in Raw Gorilla products! Ingredients are 100% raw, alive, full of activated wholesomeness, no gluten, no dairy, no nasties at all - we’ve made sure of that. All ingredients are also 100% organic.

We believe eating organic wholesome raw food, which is dehydrated at a controlled temperature to maintain peak enzyme content (below 42c), helps us to feel healthier, happier and will energise us throughout the day.

That’s what life is all about after all…to feel bright, and to be alive and energised!

The Gorilla Team


Fraser is our Founder & CEO and a real foodie, he always has his hands in our Munchie packs.

His concern about the state of the Earth combined with a growing interest in how conscious living and healthy eating leads to happiness, lead to him quickly becoming involved in the food industry working for brands such as Booja Booja, Eat Natural, Inspiral, Ombar, and Chi and created his own sales distribution company specialising in healthy vegan products, this involved working to launch companies such as Chi, Conscious Chocolate and many more.

Having suffered from food sensitivities all his life it became obvious to him that there was a need for cereals and snacks that were not full of preservatives, additives, gluten and cheap foods stuffs. So he created the first tasters of crispies and munchies in his kitchen in Stoke Newington in 2014 and soft launched the business in 2015 and here we are now, with seven product lines selling in major distributors such as Planet Organic and Wholefoods, Ocado and Tesco and distributing globally in over 20 countries. 

Fraser eats mainly a plant based diet , loves yoga, music and oh yes …food! Contact Fraser at:'

Contact Fraser at:



Kirsten is our Operations and Logistics Manager- no organisation can function without an Kirsten! She is responsible for logistics, balancing stock & orders globally. She also runs the office, and oversees production of the Crispies and Munchies. Day to day she manages and fronts the questions from our many stockists and distributors.


Kirsten is based in our offices in London and brought with him a wealth of experience of customer facing roles, including sales, operations, and production. 

Contact Kirsten at:



Alaya runs the social media for Raw Gorilla and different marketing projects and is also an advisor and investor.

She was formallyGroup Marketing Director of Orange plc,  CEO of C&W mobile global, & launch director & Marketing for 3. She also  held non exec roles including Safeway plc (now Morrisons). More recently she has been a consultant for start ups in the Organic markets. 

Alaya tries to stick to a largely raw plant based diet as she suffers a lot of food sensitivities,  and is delighted to test as often as possible Raw Gorilla products in the office even when she is not asked to!  


The Gorilla Organisation


We support as a charity The Gorilla Organisation whose sole focus is to fight the extinction of Gorillas. 

You can find out more about their cause here

Karl Gregory

Karl, is a seed investor and advisor (and is also Frasers brother). He brings with him a wealth of experience having previously run marketing operations as director for Yahoo and

Most recently Karl was Managing Director for in Northern Europe and also featured as a judge on final for the BBC Apprentice.

When Karl is not working he is busy with his young family,  he eats far to much cane sugar and sweeties, but loves running it off at weekends.



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