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UK’s First Raw HIGH protein Keto Muesli

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UK’s First Raw HIGH protein Keto Muesli

Posted on: May 24th, 2018 by Alaya No Comments

We have taken an innovator stance with all our products, offering truly RAW and natural ingredient rich options.
Many people enjoy eating Ketogenic diets to improve their vitality and fitness, and to even stay trim.

Our Mighty Muesli launched this year is Ketogenic as it has High Protein, low carbs and zero sugar- all things those people searching for Keto options look for, and is the first UK raw keto muesli available.

What is more the muesli is suitable for vegans, and will also be good for those on paleo diet , or anyone wanting boosted energy. This project really is filling and keeps you going all day! Like all our products it is also 100% organic.

You don’t have to be on a ketogenic diet to enjoy our products!

If you just love healthy seeds, packed with protein but do not care specifically about a Ketogenic diet you can add fruits, use as a sprinkler to smoothies , or just graze away.
One of our customers makes little bags of nibbles for her children throughout the day.Many mothers search for healthy options for their children , particularly becoming these days more sensitive about sugar drenched alternatives.

If you are wondering what a ketogenic diet actually is more information can be found here

Massive growth in Vegan and healthy foods – Middle East

Posted on: May 14th, 2018 by Alaya No Comments

Here is a transcript of a recent interview…

The health and wellness industry covers a range of different topics from healthy eating, staying fit, maintaining a healthy weight to taking care of ones mental and physical health.
We are seeing rapid growth, and the consumer is becoming more educated.
For years many companies have had headline messages such as High Protein, whilst concealing that their product is highly processed and refined.
There are still products which call themselves healthy but could even be bulked up with cheap ingredients which have no nutritional value.

We have always taken an approach not to scrimp on our high quality raw and Organic wholefoods.We include superfoods, and add nothing refined, nothing processed and nothing unnatural.

Over the last two years of operation, we have learned a lot about the production of Raw Foods. It is all new so is innovation, we have created a new category and have turned breakfasts and snacking on its head.
What we term a Rawvolution.
We had to find how to do production, and how to test to find the optimal tasty and stable recipes.

We have recently relaunched the brand across our ten products, with improved recipes.
All our Munchies are no longer being dehydrated but instead coldpressed so remain moist, plus we have added probiotics.
We like to introduce firsts! First UK Raw range and this year a first UK ketogenic breakfast.

The feedback of the relaunch across the range has been amazing from retailers and customers alike.

Although we are Vegan, and Soil Certified we do not see ourselves as purely selling to Vegans.
Our customers range across those with food sensitivities such as dairy or gluten to those on a Paleo diet which is traditionally associated with meat eaters ( we are are grain free so have many paleo customers ) and to those on Ketogenic diet ( Raw Gorilla Mighty Muesli , the first UK Keto breakfast) which has zero sugar, 21% protein and low carbs, and of course to Vegan dieter, but mostly we would say our products sell to those just wanting a healthy diet.

Where do you see the growth coming from globally?

We actually see our products as more mass consumer for the reasons already stated, and this is happening globally, its those wanting free from, and unrefined and unprocessed foods , it will continue to grow as people become more educated and choosy about what they put in their bodies for health and fitness.
That is why our tagline #bemoregorilla is so optimal, as we share over 98% of our DNA with these strong docile creatures who are like many animals herbivore, eating things as nature gives them. So its about changing attitudes.

People believe that Veganism is difficult as there is no protein, this just is not the case. Plants contain good quality protein, and there are hundreds of plants to choose from.

There are however some countries who are just opening up to this whole concept of Raw, and plant based breakfasts and snacks, and they offer huge growth oportunity.

For example, MEA (Middle East and Africa) region has recently seen a shift in consumer attitudes towards healthier meals and products

KPMG published a study indicating that 55% of consumers there do not think there are enough healthy options offered in stores. Reports suggest that the health and wellness market in UAE alone was around $5B in 2016 and expected to rise steadily. We have a distributor for Raw Gorilla products out there now, so hope to see great growth.

Mintel has also published that the demand for healthier products is increasing rapidly in the MEA, but that it’s not being met with enough supply. Only 16% of brands launched claiming to be ‘free from’, there is clearly a large undersupplied section of the market actively searching for gluten free, non-dairy, refined sugar free products.

So we see it as a massive opportunity. We have a distributor out there, and are looking at the possibility also of Middle Eastern investors.