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Strawberry goes all RAWBERRY!

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Strawberry goes all RAWBERRY!

Posted on: March 22nd, 2018 by Alaya No Comments

We have a new name for our Strawberry Crispies! – RAWBERRY ! we have changed the recipe a little making them HAVE A really intense summery taste all year round & a lasting pretty colour making them ideal to cheer you up, or add colour to a smoothie bowl. They are rolling out in the shops now and are available on our shop website right NOW to try !

The power of a full tum…

Posted on: March 7th, 2018 by Alaya No Comments

To busy for breakfast ?

I grew up in an era where the family ate breakfast together. It was seen as more important than other meals to ‘break the fast’ and have energy for school.

When I was a child there was not the scientific proof to support this premise , but intuitively mothers all over the world knew this.
Now we have science showing that to function a good breakfast is helpful.
Yet as a sign of the times only 1 in 10 people eat a breakfast according to recent research.

What does tend to happen is if people do not eat a breakfast which is nourishing ( i.e not empty calories of rice puff and refined sugar) -we eat sugary things to boost us midday .

I know that if I do not have breakfast I can tend to feel very disorientated about 11am , and crave sugar.

Studies have shown the benefits of eating a breakfast to be

• Having a lower BMI- simply because we do not graze on rubbish throughout the day
• Consuming less fat through the day
• Having a breakfast which includes fruit helps with the recommended 5 a day.
• Having higher daily calcium intake
• Having higher daily fibre intake
• Having better performance of memory and alertness

Making good breakfast choices – read labels !

Having convinced ourselves of breakfasts importance, we then also have to look at what we eat. So many cereals are rubbishy , full of sugar which of course add to the Western disease of diabetes and obesity , because sugar is addictive and we can get cravings, it makes us feel temporarily high , but with little value health wise .

There is a massive growth for whole food products which use only natural sugars ( from plants ) , which are not refined, processed and do not add rubbish.

That is very much our approach , as well as supporting organic farming for the earth , and doing our bit , we love breakfast , and like the idea of giving people a choice , which often leads to the comment …

Why is Organic whole food so expensive ?
Some people ask why Organic whole foods are so expensive
Our response to that is the real question to ask is why are some foods so cheap?
Many processed and refined foods use cheap ingredients , limited ingredients also and load with refined sugar and rice puff for example, or cheap grains. You just have to look at how some popular cereals turn to pulp in a bowl of milk to be convinced.

So good quality food requires an investment in yourself. But its not a huge investment , for example a box of our Raw Cacao Crunchies has high protein, fibre, superfoods, seeds , raw cacao nibs, and more and a small bowl will provide nutrition and energy for the morning and even with a generous helping is £1.00 a bowl. People pay that for a cup of coffee, or sweets, yet there is a psychology around breakfast.