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Detoxing and eating clean food

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Detoxing and eating clean food

Posted on: December 11th, 2016 by KablooeyMonsters No Comments


Many people wonder why it is important to detox…

Every day we are exposed to a variety of environmental chemicals and toxins that can be absorbed into the body via breathing, eating, drinking and more. In addition, lifestyle choices sometimes include smoking, alcohol, junk food and artificial sweeteners, just to name a few — all increasing the toxic load on our bodies.

This all builds up in the body, and it affects our energy, our moods, weight and happiness.
That is why many people go to detox their bodies regularly, sometimes even firstly fasting, and from this they find it easier to actually change their diets to be more healthy.
Everybody needs time and the opportunity to detox, or cleanse the blood.

One book which we base our raw food on is Green Gorilla by Adi Da Samraj it contains a great deal of useful information on how to approach detoxing so that the body adjusts and also how to move towards a raw diet.
Not everyone wants a completely raw diet , but having some raw food ensures we are eating food which still contains its nutritional content.

We love producing breakfast crispies and snacks which are activated, the Almond nuts are soaked , and the ingredients are dehydrated under 42c thus nutrition is intact, and the food is raw. Soaking nuts, removes the phytic acid that can often irritate the gut. This makes them far easier to digest.
We believe there is no point putting empty calories in the body.
Food is medicine so put the best raw ingredients in your body …