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Our New Munchies are in the shops!

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Our New Munchies are in the shops!

Posted on: October 14th, 2016 by KablooeyMonsters No Comments

At last! our new Munchies are now landing in the shops.

And they are both so different ! It rather depends on the mood of your tastebuds to decide which one you want in any moment 🙂

Do you fancy something lemony , crunchy and moorish? then our Lemon, coconut and lucuma Munchies are the ones.
If you fancy something slightly chewy, sweet and nourishing then our Baobab, Tigernuts and Apricot Munchies would fit the bill.

Our bloggers love them both, here are some quotes:
‘ the new lemon Munchies are soooo good’
‘The Baobab Munchies are so good’