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Cane sugar free. 100% Wholefoods & Organic. Unprocessed. Unrefined. 100% plant based.

Gluten,Wheat,Dairy & Soy Free.Non GM. Activated nuts and seeds. Superfood loaded.

No additives. No colourants. No preservatives.  Activated nuts and seeds. Superfood loaded. Truly raw.

Conscious and healthy & Seriously delicious !

Be More Gorilla !

Raw Natural Organic food is healthy. That's why we say Be More Gorilla! - we share over 98% of DNA with these huge healthy docile creatures. They have got it sorted.
Find out why …

Our Story

Raw Gorilla has a vision to make  accessible  healthy, tasty grain free breakfasts
& snacks loaded with nutrition not cheap ingredients 

What's in the Name

We truly feel that eating consciously has an impact on our planet
as well as our bodies.


So many ways to nosh… Spoon crispies into your mouth from the pack, pour into a bowl with fruit and yogurt , use as trail or topper on smoothies or as part of a desert.

Interview on market opportunities – Middle East

Here is a transcript of a recent interview… The health and wellness industry covers a range of different topics from healthy eating, staying fit, maintaining a healthy weight to taking care of ones mental and …

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